Happy 2020!

Starting this year out right with Seattle University 2.14.20-2.15.20 with the Cascadian Zen seminar. My talk/reading is Friday the 14th and starts at 6pm in Wyckoff. It will be followed by a short Q&A.Elizabeth Sikes speaks before me, and Jason Wirth after.

Organized loosely around exploring the relationship between the Cascadian bioregion as it intersects with Zen ideas, practices, and aesthetics, we are hosting a diverse group of writers who are interested in broadly exploring the question of “What is Cascadian Zen?” through their poetic and/or philosophical writing.

Participants—Deborah Poe, Shin Yu Pai, Paul Nelson, Jason Wirth, Gerard Kuperus, Josh Hayes, Brian Shūdō Schroeder, Daphne Marlatt, Thomas Hitoshi Pruiksma, Elee Kraljii Gardiner, Elizabeth Sikes, and Nadine Maestas

I’ll be reading in Paris, France on Tuesday, April 30th. Fellow reader and location TBD.

I’ll be reading with Rebecca Brown, Tiana Kahakauwila, Kristen Nelson, and TC Tolbert on Sunday, March 24th at 6pm at Seattle’s Virago Gallery.

keep, my newest poetry collection, is now available to order from Dusie Press with free shipping for a limited time. The book is also available through Amazon.

On May 13th in Tucson, the Fair Weather Reading celebrates Kristen E. Nelson for her service to the Tucson Literary Community at Casa Libre for over 14 years. Readings by Gina Abelkop, Kristen Nelson, Deborah Poe, Selah Saterstrom, & Magdalena Zurawski; with music by The Three Kings; hosted by TC Tolbert & Elizabeth Frankie Rollins; and with a dance party curated by Hannah Levin to end the night. For more:

For the New Orleans Poetry Festival and on Earth Day, April 22nd, I’ll be presenting on a panel, The Poetics of Climate Change: Poetry in the Anthropocene, with Amber Atiya, Demian DineYahzi, Claire Hero, and Marthe Reed. For more:

Handmade/Homemade in the Anthropocene: 2017 Exhibit is now exhibiting in Mortola Library at Pace University throughout the month of March. Thursday, 3/2, we have the ninth annual bookmaking workshop and opening/reading with Kate Schapira, Amber Atiya, and Demian DineYahzi. The exhibit will run at Pace NYC, Birnbaum Library, the month of April. For more information:

Dusie Press will publish my poetry collection, keep, in 2017!

Excited to be part of this panel, The Power of Poetry in a  Complex World, at Pace University’s New York City campus on November 9th with Camille Rankine, Rosebud Ben-Oni, Ellease Ebele Oseye, and Melissa Studdard. The inimitable Amy King moderates.


My interview for Pace University’s The Professor is In series is now live:

During the first part of my sabbatical (thank you Pace University), I will be serving as Visiting Writer at Seattle University, teaching Poetry off the Page: Creating Multimedia Poetry. 

I will host Handmade/Homemade at Seattle University on March 1st with guest speakers Amaranth Borsuk and Kaia Sand.

Please help spread the word. You can register now at Hugo House for winter classes! My two Saturday afternoon workshops in January and February, ‘Writing with Scientific Thought‘ and ‘Art as Point of Departure,’ are just two of many.

I feel like I came out of the writer closet in large part due to Hugo House many many years ago, and I am so happy to be giving back to the literary community of Seattle in this way.

I talk with Rob McLennan for Touch the Donkey

Susana Gardner hosts a Dusie Press and Furniture Press reading at Aurora in Providence on October 17th. I read with Jesse Nissim, Kate Colby, Sarah Anne Cox, and Iris Cushing.

Jen Tynes of Horse Less Press sat down with me and Kyle Schlesinger to ask a handful of intriguing questions about our collaboration, Keep the Change, forthcoming from Great Fainting Spells this fall. Check it out here.

My poetry collection keep was a semi-finalist for the 2015 Tarpaulin Sky Book Prize. Check out the winners here.

Kita Shantiris and I read for Alan Casline’s Poets of Earth, Water, Tree, and Sky Series on June 12th at the Pine Hollow Arboretum Visitor Center, 16 Maple Avenue, Slingerlands, NY at 6:30 PM.

I will be reading from my novel manuscript, “Light with Death’s Arc” at an ‘Atmospheric Salon’ with musicians Jake Klar and Chelsea Sue Allen in Philadelphia on May 24th. Please contact me, if you are interested in joining us. Heartfelt thanks to writer and filmmaker Hassen Saker for this gathering.

I have some pieces, including the Rock Box, in the Dusie Kollektiv exhibit at the Rochambeau Library in Providence through the summer. Photo: Jon Henson.


Chris Funkhouser’s recording of my Olana reading on 8 March 2015 (see Deborah Poe in the pulldown menu). Lori Anderson Moseman accompanies me during the first part.

Loose Change’s wonderful new issue includes some of my poems. 

A couple of my prouns from ‘keep’ are in the latest issue of Posit. The issue also includes work from Anne Waldman with Pamela Lawton, Kristina Marie Darling, Bobbi Lurie, Zach Savich—just to name a few.

The poem that is part of the exhibited Rock Box (see below), as well as my video poem Phosphorous, are part of’s EcoPoethos Issue, edited by Marthe Reed. Also included in the issue are Lori Anderson Moseman, Megan Burns, Lee Gough, Jen Hofer, Lily Hoang, Brenda Iijima,Megan Kaminski, Bhanu Kapil, Michael Ruby, Hassen Saker, Marthe Reed, Craig Santos Perez, Kate Schapira, and many more.

Rock Box (in collaboration with Lee Gough, Claire Hero, Brenda Iijima, Julie Joosten, Layli LongSoldier, Melanie Noel, Hassen Saker, Kate Schapira, Meredith Stricker) will be on exhibit in the Handmade/Homemade Exhibit 2015, Northeast by Northwest, at Pace University in Pleasantville (February 27-March 26) and New York City (March 27-April 24) in the Mortola and Birnbaum Libraries.

I’ll be reading new work at the Deep Air Arts Series, alongside Kazumi Tanaka, who will show images of her work and talk about new projects. The series is curated by Lee Gough, and this event takes place March 8th, from 3-5, at the beautiful Olana State Historic Site in the Wagon House Education Center.

Thanks to Hassen Saker for the video excerpt of my Random Name Series reading, at Penn Book Center in Philadelphia, May 2013.

Untitled, 2007, the last will be stone, too (a four-edition), and Rock Box (in collaboration with Lee Gough, Claire Hero, Brenda Iijima, Julie Joosten, Layli LongSoldier, Melanie Noel, Hassen Saker, Kate Schapira, Meredith Stricker) are currently on exhibit in the Handmade/Homemade Exhibit at Casper College in Wyoming from August 25-October 23, 2014.