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  • Seattle Art Book Fair—May 6-7

    I met writer and Stockport Flats Press Lori Anderson Moseman in 2007, when I was finishing my doctorate. Because I met Lori, I met writer and editor Matthew Klane. As a consequence of meeting Matthew, I met the writers Jessica Smith and Kate Schapira. Meeting all of these artists marks the beginning of my deep admiration of DIY publishing, prolific bookmaking, and the gift economy of handmade books and book objects. 

    Before this entanglement with handmade or homemade books, I was already predisposed to making things. During most of my early years in the Pacific Northwest, my friends and I were avid postcard creators and correspondents, sending postcards to one another: exquisite corpse writing, art creations, repurposed antique cards.

    By the time I began teaching at Pace University, Westchester, in the fall of 2008, I was completely engaged with a community of handmade artists and writers around the country, playing around with work of my own. I loved the range of creations that could be made—from “low-fi” book objects to more polished hand-bound books. 

    So to be an exhibitor in my heart’s home of Seattle in May with the Seattle Art Book Fair is an event worth shouting about.

    The Seattle Art Book Fair is May 6-7 in Washington Hall. It’s a free festival that celebrates independent publishing, book design, and books-as-art. The nonprofit event hosts local, national, and international artists, designers, and organizations and includes 65+ exhibitors, talks, workshops, and art installations. Find out more here.