Book cover: 'Keep' by Deborah Poe


Examines memory at the intersections of neuroscience, psychology, Buddhist philosophy, and personal history.

Book cover: 'the last will be stone, too' by Deborah Poe

the last will be stone, too

Meditates on death through the lens of art pieces from Remedios Varo to fashioners of Tutankhamen’s funeral collar “to walk into unknown center / to witness what silence can do.”

Book cover: 'Hélène' by Deborah Poe


Narrates 19th century heroine, Hélène’s, life in a ‘factory-convent’ where she manufactures silk in France—her only escape, the fantasy of producing it in China.

Book cover: 'Elements' by Deborah Poe


Enacts the structures and sociocultural histories of 39 elements from the periodic table.